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Door repair & replacement

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Most door problems are caused by the door mechanisms or doors
needing adjusted.

If your door is catching when closing its time to get it adjusted as this
could lead to bigger problems.

Servicing your door mechanism is a must and will stop further problems.

If you struggle to lock your door it could be a combination of both needing adjusted or serviced.

Cracked door panels can be replaced for half the price of a new door.

A yearly service is a must for your doors.

window repair & replacement

superior performance

Most window problems occur through mechanism problems and not the actual frames. In most occasions this can be repaired to be like new again for a fraction of the cost instead of having to replace the full window.

Common problems are the window leaving a gap when closed which is usually a hinge problem. The handle will go into the lock position but does not lock the window, this is usually the lock mechanism, the same in reverse handle will lift but window won’t open.

Condensation between the glass is a huge problem with older double glazing.  Change the glass instead of a new window frame giving you a clear view again with a 5 year guarantee.

A service on your windows once a year is a must.

window repair

hinge repair

door repair

Glass replacement

Lock repair

Silicone Work